Our names are Dimitris and Eugenia, few words on how we started  Xperiencelocal actually came to us in front of our eyes, after becoming hosts in our own apartment guests  in the year 2016. Every time we got booked by someone it was a great chance for us to meet people from around the world. Our first hosting location was in the city of Panama and later in the city of Athens Greece. All of our guests were extremely nice, friendly and outgoing, as we had plenty of discussions, we notice all of them had the same request (a simple one for us) but quite challenging for our guests – how to find the best local experiences and local traditional food.

We always wanted to give our side of local touring around on our favorite places and activities to enjoy the real city, as we “locals” experiencing it.

Our first involvement in touring started in Panama City when we got the chance to create and be part of local tours named PanaThriller, providing the experience of sightseeing the city as never before.

Now in Athens, Greece involved in hosting guest the request was popping more and more but  we got to visualize the idea when my sister came over on X-mas with her husband and kids for 15 days… “4 days is enough” she said reference on what the research from the internet suggested. But we proved her wrong and show her an amazing time on an affordable way.

So that is what we provide “an affordable local experience” with all sorts of activities and events, either you are tourist, ex-pat or even a local.

Meet Our Team
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