Best Of Athens Night Life-Where To Go On Monastiraki Hotspots


Athens in the night is the most magical city, but when we think where to go the first place that comes to mind is Monastiraki. The diverse culture will interest you, the mesmerizing views of the Acropolis (Parthenon) mythical lighted up by the Ancient gods will take you to a different era. Here you will also experience the delicious gastronomy of Greece, from the local cuisine to the modern pallet.

You will discover small streets filled up with Aromatic cafes, upbeat bars, wonderful ice-cream parlors, great rooftops that serve high-quality cocktails, which is the life of Plaka.

Let’s first start with my favorite activity to do, which is cocktails and the number one place is the rooftop 360(which is right next to the Monastiraki metro), you will feel a unique experience, an amazing view, and drinks that will make you remember this place. If you like rum and sweetness try the Baby Oak cocktail!!

Do the stars align and crown a special few with incredible ability; you will for sure see them there, as it will all be your sky for the night. I haven’t seen a cloud in the summer for years.

While you discovering the area, you will find lots of small bars with specialized drinks, from contemporary and Greek influence infusions.

A highly recommended upscale cocktail bar is the Famous The Clumsies. A fantastic atmosphere with a unique vibe has measured drinks in their menu that will appear at the glance of blue light.

Do you have an appetite for Greek fast food but healthy ones? I always go to Thanasi’s Souvlaki, which for me is one of the best in the City, I would suggest you try the pitas and the kebabs!! Though you will experience lots of nice restaurants around, from burgers to fresh fish on the grill and a vast variety of international cuisines.

You will be amazed by the vibes of Agias Irinis coffee places; It’s really close to Monastiraki as well. It’s mostly where Athenians hang around to have a relax and a vibrant lifestyle. Click here,

We have tried them all and with confidence, I can say the 2 best places are the IceRoll were the ice-cream it’s made on a freezing grill and the DaVinci parlor. Both have fresh ice-cream, with delicious and plenty of choices.

The colorful flea market of Athens!!

It’s one of tourist past time, walking through colorful-unique stores and little malls (stoes) as we call them in Greece. You will feel the shopping vibe, as it’s full of tourists and Athenians.  You will find crafty things where you can buy for travel gifts, collection items for the people that collect, tourist necessities if you decide to go to the beach for example and you have your towel back home. Plenty of Greek delicacies to take back home and natural thinks were otherwise will be very expensive to have. One of my favorite things to buy in the market is the natural sponge, the greatest feeling when you take a warm bath!! It derives directly from the Mediterranean sea, where divers fetch it.

Plenty of coffee and breakfast places as well while you cross the Flea market, fresh juices from really tasty fruits.  As you reach the end of the Flea market you will end up in historic monuments that you are able to admire even in the night.

Continuing down you will reach Thisio area!! Thisio is the way to Acropolis home of Parthenon, make no mistake it’s a beautiful walk up filled with artisanal arts of local artists were they display their goods on the streets. Upscale coffee places, most of the time are packed and rooftop restaurants with a view of the Acropolis. Actually its like a VIP view, you will are able to take beautiful pictures. In the night is magical and romantic.

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