Q. Who we are as Xperiencelocal?
A. We are a Greek local company that our objective is to make your trip in Greece an unforgettable one by connecting you with 100% local people, providing the best experience and helping promote the local entrepreneurs.<br />
Q. In which city of Greece I can host an event?
A. At this moment only in the city of Athens you will be able to host an event. Soon other areas will be coming.
Q. How do I sign up to be a local event creator?
A. The sign up is very easy, you apply online by filling out the form in the “Become a host” section, once you get approved by our team, we will check your event information and we will meet you personally to walk you through all the details.
Q. How do I get compensated from my event posted in the website?
A. You will receive the 84% of the price you chose once you create the event, after one week has passed. You will get the payment directly to your PayPal account. If you wished to send directly to your bank account there will extra charges of 20 Euros for bank fees and takes 2 weeks over the 1st week.
Q. What kind of experience I can offer?
A. All the experience that we approved has to be either Greek traditional, local or unique activity. For example: “Learn how to cook traditional moussaka”, or “Learn how to dance Syrtaki”
Q. Who can apply to become a local event creator?
A. Every individual that is local to the area of the event and has a passion for the event he wants to create.
Q. Will I receive my funds if a guest cancels or no show up?
A. If the guest cancels during the 72 hours prior to the event, the event creator will receive the full amount after deducting the 16% percent of our website. If a can cancelation occurs before the 72 hours prior to the event, there will not be any payments to you.
Q. Will there be any other fees to transfer the funds to my PayPal account?
A. There will not be any other fees to transfer to PayPal, everything is included in the 16% that xperience.com keeps.<br />
Q. Do I have to pay taxes from the funds I received?
A. Yes, you will need to pay taxes and declare them every year to your tax declaration.<br />
Q. How do I receive the bookings and manage my post.
A. Our website provides an easy and friendly experience platform in order to be able to manage your post and verify all the info of the bookings. As soon as someone books the event you will need to confirm with the guest as soon as possible. If you don’t confirm the reservation there is a possibility that the guest can cancel as he never received a confirmation. He will still have the ability to rate your event.<br />
Q. Can I cancel or reject a booking?
A. You can cancel or reject a reservation only for uncontrolled circumstances and this is the weather, emergency or an “act of god” situation. We will need full description of the reason of the cancelation. If however more than 3 times in a year occurs cancelation we will need to examine the event validity. As it hurts our reputations we try to keep cancelation to the minimum.<br />
Q. Can I have someone to Co-host an experience?
A. Sure, you can have someone help you Co-host an experience, it is a great way to manage more bookings and bigger groups of guests. Remember the price for the event has to be affordable, high prices on the listings won’t be approved.<br />
Q. What are the best tips for getting more event bookings?
A. The important factors over an event are the pricing and the quality of the event’s posting, this means that at the time to advertise your event there should be a great offer showed case with professional looking photographs and a great description, this will allowed you to pursue more guest. Also, after every event booked the guests are able to rate you, so the better your event is, the better changes of obtaining awesome reviews.<br />
Q. How does the reviewing of the event works?
A. Every guest will receive an email after their booking, where they will have the chance to write their opinion and select a rate with stars about the event you had offered. So is very important that your services are the best, the more positive ratings and reviews, the more guests you will receive.<br /> Remember to keep your scores high, if your scores fall under 3 stars your event creator account with Xperiencelocal will be cancel and you will no longer have access.<br />
Q. How will I get notify about my bookings?
A. Our system allows us to notify you as a local event creator by an automated email or inside of your local event creator account. Remember to always checked prior an event, to make sure everything is in order and that there would not be any inconveniences.
Q. How to be enthusiastic with the guest?
A. An event creator should be enthusiastic at every moment with their guests; we recommend to be thoughtful, friendly and warm. Remember that the guest should feel like a local and at home. Always be 100% positive and smile!!<br />
Q. How to be professional at the time to host your event?
A. Remember that everything counts at the time to host, so always to be on time, follow up with the guest on every step, keep a respectful language, remember the names of the guest and maintain a formal address “Mr. or Mrs.”, keep a clean image when you present yourself before the guests “first impressions always count”. Remember that all aspects will reflect on your guest reviews.


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